Home Weather Stations

We've selected the very best home weather stations with a wide range of functionality from wireless, Bluetooth data tracking, measuring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and more. You can find home weather stations with high quality LED screens and even ones that project a large display of weather information on your wall or ceiling. With a large variety of home weather stations, we’ve got one thing for each home.

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Weather predicting storm glass

WHere to place a storm glass

Storm Glass The Function The storm glass has been known since 1750 and was used on sailing ships for the storm warning. The first actual report of the application aboard a ship comes from Charles Darwin’s circumnavigation of the world 1831-1836. On December 27, 1831 Darwin went on the long …

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How do home weather stations work?

Home weather station

A home weather station consists of various meteorological measuring instruments. This captures the so-called weather elements: Temperature with thermometer The dependence of electrical resistance in wires to the ambient temperature is used in modern measurement technology for accurate temperature measurements. At the same time, the choice of wire material (a …

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8 rules for Installing a home Weather Station

What to look for in an Weather Station?

With the purchase of a weather station, the weather observation can begin immediately – one thinks. The more professional the weather observation is performed, the more time and effort will be invested in choosing the correct placement of base station and outdoor sensors. A temperature outside sensor mounted on a …

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