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Why do you need a digital hygrometer?

Why do you need a digital hygrometer?

Digital Hygrometer

Digital HygrometerThere are several reasons why a digital hygrometer could benefit your life, but in addition to that – knowing the humidity of the air around you is just plain fascinating!

Digital Hygrometer – Why do you need a digital hygrometer? There are actually several reasons why. A digital hygrometer measures the humidity in a general area such as a basement, office, or any other space. It can be helpful to know the humidity in a specific area because of illness caused by dry air or perhaps you have a greenhouse that needs a particular level of humidity. Many cigar enthusiasts like to monitor the moisture in the area they store their cigars. But probably one of the biggest reasons to use a digital hygrometer to monitor the humidity in your home is to prevent the growth of mold, which can be a serious concern for homeowners.

digital hygrometerBenefits of a Digital Hygrometer
There are several reasons why a digital hygrometer could benefit your life, but in addition to that – knowing the humidity of the air around you is just plain fascinating! You can use your home weather station as a learning tool for your family. You can also set up the hygrometer as part of a school weather station to teach students about the humidity changes that occur during the different seasons and during storms.

When it comes to finding the perfect digital hygrometer for your needs, you have plenty to choose from. It is possible to find a stand alone unit or one that is integrated into a full functioning weather station complete with wind and rain gauges! We will take a look at a few different models of digital hygrometer so you have a better picture of what is available. All the weather instruments we will look at are highly rated by consumers so you know you are getting something that is tried and true.

First of all we will look at the Honeywell Digital Hygrometer. This small digital hygrometer can be placed on a table or mounted on the all, although most of the consumers who wrote reviews used it on a table. Here is the product description from the manufacturer:
The Honeywell TM005X Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer is an easy-to-read and economical way to track temperature and humidity in your home or office. Featuring a jumbo display unit with one-inch tall digital numbers, this sleek silver and black unit can monitor up to three remote locations. The TM005X comes with one remote sensor, but two additional sensors can be purchased separately and added. With the main display unit measuring 4.33 x 4.86 x 1.08 inches (WxHxD), and a display that includes comfort and trend indicators, you can place the TM005X on your desktop or hang it from a wall. With the remote sensor, you can track the temperatures of pools, hot tubs, spas, ponds, soil, and much more. The remote sensor has a transmission range of up to 100 feet. With the sensor powered by two AA lithium batteries, the unit has an outdoor temperature range of minus 38 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and when the sensor is powered by two AA alkaline batteries, the range is minus 4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. (The two AA batteries required for the sensor, and the two AA batteries required for the main unit, are not included.)
This particular digital hygrometer is highly rated by consumers at Amazon.com and at less than $25 it is a good bargain as well.

Next we have the Timex Digital Hygrometer and Clock. This digital hygrometer shows both the indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as the relative indoor humidity. If you don’t care to see the humidity, it will show the time in its place. Here is the product description from the manufacturer:
Top window shows indoor temperature. Middle window shows outside temperature. Bottom window shows both the humidity reading or the quartz clock. Temperature range indoor thermometer – 32° to 122° Fahrenheit. Outdoor Temperature range -4° to +158° Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometer scales. Easy to use set buttons in classic new style. The LCD clock has AM/PM icon. Records Minimum and Maximum temperatures for both indoor and outdoor thermometers. Ten foot all weather temperature sensor. Case molded in durable plastic and finished in Pearlized white finish. Requires 1 AAA battery. Battery not included. Case size is 5 7/16 and 2 7/8 x 13/16 Backed by Timex one year limited warranty.

As you can see, having a digital hygrometer can be quite beneficial. You will find that you will begin to take an interest in the weather and humidity that you never had before!

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