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Weather stations for your home – Top brands

Weather stations for your home – Top brands

By the expert in weather stations you will find a diverse range of weather stations,
in which a large number of top brands are represented. For example, stay informed of the current weather conditions with an Ambient weather station.
The well-known brands Davis, Acurite, La Crosse Technology are also available in our range. In addition to weather stations, you can also find Alert radio, hygrometers, various types of thermometers, barometers, rain gauge and accessories in our webshop.

The best weather stations in comparison

In order to optimize the indoor climate, to choose the right clothes for gardening or because of curiosity has become a real passion: Weather stations allow laymen and professionals to collect and evaluate various weather data. While analogue weather stations are particularly easy to use, digital weather stations provide you with up-to-date values, show trends, and provide in-depth analysis. What you should look for when comparing and buying a weather station for your home and what the best devices from Ambient, Davis, Acurite, La Crosse Technology can do.


How to find the best weather station for your home?

Analog or digital, basic values ​​or the full weather program: Weather stations are available in different designs and with different numbers of functions and measured values. All these points ultimately decide on the price for the weather station of Ambient, Davis, Acurite, La Crosse Technology. Expensive does not mean equally good, because depending on personal needs and level of knowledge, even a cheap weather station can be the best. Some questions before buying help to make the right decision for a weather station:

Which weather data do I want to measure?

This question is the most important on the way to the best weather station. Because if you are only interested in the inside and / or outside temperature and possibly the air pressure, you can fall back on a very cheap analog weather station or a digital entry-level model. Professional weather stations not only record extensive data, come with an anemometer and a rain
gauge, but also calculate trends and forecasts.

What do I want to do with the weather data?

Professional digital weather stations often bring their own internal memory, in which you can store history values. Via Wi-Fi and / or USB connection, you can transfer the data to the computer and evaluate it in software or an app.
How important is the design to me?
Digital weather stations often look much more sober and technical than analogue weather stations. However, there are still differences in the display of the digital models: color displays are more vivid and, for example, graphical weather forecasts are much more appealing than the mere listing of values. Some brands have also specialized in special design weather stations – but these are usually relatively expensive.

Where or how do I want to set up the station?

Most weather or base stations are mobile devices to set up. But there are also models for inconspicuous wall mounting. Depending on whether you are looking for a weather station for the garden or only for indoor use, pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer and that the relevant data is collected separately.


How set up the weather stations correctly?

To ensure that the best weather stations also provide reliable data, the correct positioning of the base station but above all the external sensors is crucial. The base station can be installed or mounted almost anywhere in the house, but you should avoid direct sunlight as well as a location directly above the heater or air conditioning. The outdoor sensors should not be mounted directly on the house facade and should be protected from direct sunlight. Optimal, for example, the attachment to a tree. Also note the distance between the weather station and the outdoor sensor. This should not be too big and ideally free of obstacles. A single wall is usually not a big obstacle, but several walls already. A WLAN can also interfere with the radio connection between the base station and the outdoor sensor. Do not place the base station near a router.

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