Raddy WF-55C Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer Color Display

RADDY WF-55C, Discover the indoor outdoor weather conditions. Often the weather conditions you see in a weather app are from stations miles away from your location.There can be significant discrepancies in these reports compared to the actual conditions around you. The WF-55C will do what apps cannot. It’ll tell you exactly what the weather’s doing at your own home, farm, school or business in real-time by measuring atmospheric conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity.

The RADDY WF-55C has a Bright, Clear Display: The display is in color in an easy to read format and shows the latest situation on outdoor and indoor weather, includes 12-24 hours weather forecast: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy ,rainy, snowy. The RADDY has an Accurate Readings: The WF-55C gives real time weather information that you can use to plan your day. It records the minimum and maximum temperatures with the range 14℉~122℉(indoors) and -40℉~140℉(outdoors). 330ft Range: This home weather station has a range of up to 330ft / 100 meters in open area. And supports up 3 channels to monitor the weather conditions of your backyard, garden, baby room, storage room,even a wine cellar. The RADDY is easy to set up: It can be powered by both DC and battery. Just install the batteries for the remote sensor and plug the power adapter into the base station. You will see the real-time weather conditions around you. Multi-functions: this weather station unit is convenient as an alarm clock in your bedroom complete with snooze functions and backlight you can adjust with 3 levels. You can also set the alerts when the temperature and humidity conditions change.

Raddy WF-55C Station

WHAT FEATURES DOES THE Raddy WF-55C Home Weather Station HAVE?

The Raddy WF-55C weather station comes with the following features:

  • Adjustable Backlit
  • With the touch adjustable backlit you can dim it to a level where it will not affect your sleep patterns. And you can set the alerts when the weather conditions change.
  • Alarm Clock
  • It can be used as an alarm clock. Set the alarm as long as you like. You’ll know what the weather is going to be like when you get up and around each morning.
  • Power Supply It is powered by a 5V 1.2A DC adapter for the display, 2 AAA batteries (Alkaline) for the Sensor, and optionally, 3 AAA Alkaline batteries (for backup)
  • Mounted ptions You’ll have accurate readings across the board and all available in a colorful and easy-to-read display. This will look good on your wall, nightstand, or desk.


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Raddy Weather Station User Manual Updates and Firmware

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