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Montana Weather radio all Broadcast Frequencies

Weather station frequency site name and call sign, also check out Acurite Home Station.

Weather station

It is important that you have on hand all of the basic supplies you will need to survive.Weather station, Rain gauge and Weather Radio You should have enough of these supplies to be able to sustain yourself for at least three days, since it may be a while before you can evacuate safely or before help can reach you. A sample emergency kit might look like this:




  • Water, a gallon per person per day. Also, it is helpful to have some means of filtering/purifying water, in case you run out
  • Food, non-perishable (cans, protein bars- whatever won’t go bad)
  • Battery-powered radio and weather station with extra batteries (or you can buy one of these)
  • NOAA weather radio and weather station with extra batteries (or, one of these will do the trick)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle and signal mirror to signal for help
  • Surgical masks for breathing contaminated air
  • Plastic sheeting for building temporary shelters
  • Duct tape
  • Garbage bags and moist wipes for personal sanitation
  • A good multitool with pliers in case you have to turn off utilities like gas
  • A can opener
  • Local maps
  • Cell phone with charger/extra battery.
  • An extra supply of any prescription medications you may have
  • An analgesic such as Tylenol
  • Bedding such as sleeping bags
  • An extra change of clothes, including sturdy shoes
  • A waterproof means of starting a fire (waterproof matches, stormproof lighter, etc)


Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Ryegate Ryegate KAD95 162.450 300 Billings, MT
Poplar Poplar KGG94 162.425 300 Glasgow, MT
Bozeman Courthouse KGG97 162.500 100 Great Falls, MT
Jordan Brockway KHB53 162.500 300 Glasgow, MT
Circle Linsay KHC26 162.550 300 Glasgow, MT
Glentana Randel KPS507 162.525 100 Glasgow, MT
Lewistown Mocassin Mtn. KZZ54 162.500 100 Great Falls, MT
Browning Browning WNG533 162.525 300 Great Falls, MT
Broadus Five Mile Hill WNG567 162.425 300 Billings, MT
Dillon Red Rock WNG638 162.475 150 Great Falls, MT
Winnett Mosby WNG670 162.400 300 Glasgow, MT
Livingston Livingston WNG682 162.525 100 Billings, MT
Forsyth Forsyth WNG719 162.525 100 Billings, MT
Hardin Yellowtail / Crow Reservation WNG724 162.450 100 Billings, MT
Plentywood Plentywood WWF50 162.475 50 Glasgow, MT
Scobey Scobey WWF92 162.450 25 Glasgow, MT
Glendive Makoshika Peak WWF93 162.475 100 Glasgow, MT
Belgian Hill Conrad WWG84 162.500 300 Great Falls, MT
Malta Malta WWG85 162.475 75 Glasgow, MT
Great Falls Bootlegger Hill WXJ43 162.550 300 Great Falls, MT
Baker Bechtold Hill WXK57 162.550 300 Billings, MT
Helena Hogback Mtn. WXK66 162.400 1000 Great Falls, MT
Missoula Point Six Mtn. WXL25 162.400 100 Missoula, MT
Billings Emerald Hills WXL27 162.550 300 Billings, MT
Glasgow Signal Hill WXL32 162.400 300 Glasgow, MT
Havre Squaw Butte WXL53 162.400 300 Great Falls, MT
Miles City Gov’t. Hill WXL54 162.400 300 Billings, MT
Butte Xl Heights WXL79 162.550 100 Missoula, MT
Kalispell Blacktail Mtn. WXL82 162.550 100 Missoula, MT
Wibaux Wibaux WZ2528 162.500 300 Glasgow, MT
Ekalaka Carter County WZ2533 162.475 300 Billings, MT