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How to make wind chime?

How to make wind chime

How to make a wind chime, this is a great way to enhance relaxation in any setting. Plus, it’s extremely satisfying to create something beautiful that brings such pleasure.

Materials for building your own wind chime.

There are a variety of materials you can use to make wind chimes. The clapper (or striker) can be made from metal or hardwood, and can be any number of shapes. Many people enjoy strikers made from natural stones or beads. For the string, use something that is thick enough to hold the weight of the chime pieces, but thin enough to be knotted. Monofilament line (sold with fishing supplies) is a good choice. Plastic line for weed trimmers works, too. For the chime tubes, you might choose bamboo, metal, or hollow ceramic pieces.

Tips on Making a Metal Wind Chime

Keep in mind that the resulting tone depends on what type of metal you choose—aluminum, copper, brass, or steel—and on the thickness, length, and hollowness of the tubes, as well as the hardness or softness of the clapper.

How To Tone Your Wind Chime?

Experiment with a number of types of metal. Each one has a unique sound. Consider the type of metal you are using. Softer metals, such as copper create milder tones; while sharper tones result from harder metals, such as steel and aluminum alloys. Also, remember that smaller metal wind chimes are generally more sharply toned than larger wind chimes.

Spacing and Arrangement the Chime

No matter how many tubes you have, the clapper and the chimes should not be so clumped together that the clapper strikes more than one or two chimes at once. Also, arranging the chimes in the right order will keep them from hanging crookedly and ensures a lovely result when two chimes are struck simultaneously by the clapper.

String for your chime

Monofilament line (fishing line) works well for stringing metal wind chimes. Use the line that will best support you. (The line packages will list how much weight the line will hold before breaking.) Make sure that the suspension holes in the metal tubes are very smooth or they will sever the fishing line.

Wind chimes are fun to make. Once you’ve mastered their basic construction, you’ll want to make and share beautiful chimes with those you love.

Jeff Baker has a step by step video how to make a wind chime, you can see the video here: Make Your Own Wind Chime

Here you find a selection of some beautiful wind chimes

Arias wind chimes are carefully designed for specific tonal ranges and quality

To get some inspiration, here are some different types of wind chimes

Arias wind chimes offer a beautiful musical tone that will relax and sooth you. They are hand made out of the highest-quality materials. The construction, tone, and quality of these chimes will amaze you. You will enjoy the look and sound of an Aria wind chime on your porch or patio.

Arias wind chimes are hand made by fine craftsmen. Each tube is constructed of anodized aluminum and redwood. The redwood is submersed twice in an oil-resin finish. This finish is what protects it against the harsh weather conditions. Each chime is constructed by hand so you get the best quality sound you can buy. The cord of the Arias wind chime is made of heavy duty polyester. This type of chime is available in many colors. The most popular colors you will find are gold, silver, copper-bronze, brown, and forest green.

Arias wind chimeshave a beautiful musical tone. They are made on a pentatonic scale. A pentatonic scale is a musical scale in which there are five notes from an octave. The glorious sound of an Arias wind chime is soothing and relaxing. It’s no wonder that they are known for their brilliant and beautiful sound.

The quality of materials and attention to detail is what makes the Arias one of the most popular wind chimes on the market today. You will find Arias brand wind chimes in many backyards and homes around the world. When you hear the name Arias, you can feel assured it will be a quality chime, that will last for many years to come.

An Arias wind chime is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. It will offer you and your guests’ visual and auditory splendor. No home or yard is complete without the magnificent beauty and sound of an Arias wind chime.

Bamboo Wind Chime

There is nothing more relaxing on a nice summer’s day than to listen to the melodic sounds of a wind chime.

Bamboo wind chimes can have a very calming effect on your whole body as well as your mind. They can be bought in all sorts of styles, colors and sizes.

Making a bamboo wind chime involves hand carving the bamboo into thin tubes to produce a tinkling sound, whilst the thicker pieces of bamboo will produce a deeper sound. Which ever one you choose you can be sure that the sound will be soothing.

Bamboo wind chimes are thought to help clear your mind and alleviate stress. In ancient China around three thousand years ago, craftsmen made bamboo wind chimes to use during religious ceremonies. These days however, people who use the Feng Shui system to organise their home and life would use the wind chimes to encourage Chi (positive energy) to circulate around the home so helping to keep health problems at bay. These bamboo chimes are said to help free up any stagnant energy.

Many people just have wind chimes for their pleasing look and calming sounds. They can be placed indoors or outdoors as long as the pleasing sounds can be heard when you are relaxing.

Lots of people actually think that the tinkling of the chimes are so relaxing that they can dream of past times when they were relaxing on a sandy beach.

So, these bamboo wind chimes can offer stress relief and a calming sound as well as just looking aesthetically pleasing when hung around the home both inside and out.

Made on islands by some local artists, bamboo wind chimes are usually beautifully crafted by hand. They are long lasting and most are eco-friendly. It is said that if you have one of these bamboo wind chimes you will have music that heals the soul and it could bring you luck, fortune as well as a sense of peace.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Beginners to feng shui may assume that feng shui wind chimes are just a way to add a pleasant sound to a home. This is partly true, but wind chimes also have other effects. This article will discuss the benefits of using feng shui wind chimes along with what to watch out for when placing them.

To begin with you should keep in mind that there are three main reasons for using feng shui wind chimes. Firstly, as has been already mentioned they can produce an enjoyable and happy sound. Secondly they can be used for decorative purposes. Many wind chimes look great in a variety of different situations. Thirdly – and most importantly – they can improve the flow of chi in a room which is thought to help with things such as health, wealth and family harmony.

The reason that wind chimes are so powerful is that they can be used to correct existing problems that are difficult to resolve. Sound is commonly used in feng shui as an alternative to major alterations in a room. For this reason feng shui wind chimes are often referred to as a “cue” for a particular chi problem. You can’t just choose any wind chime though – it needs to be the right size and material for the problem.

Issues in feng shui occur when there is something blocking the flow of chi through an area of the house. To remedy this problem you should choose a wind chime that fits the size of the room. For example, a large living room will require a larger wind chime than a small bathroom in order to make a difference.

One consideration is which material to use when buying a wind chime. Metal is probably the most commonly used material because of the loud and clear tone it produces. There are other options such as wood but they generally aren’t as effective at providing a remedy for an obstructed flow of chi. On the other hand, if you need to reduce the activity levels of chi in a certain area then a wooden or pottery chime may be the perfect solution.

Placing the wind chime in the right place is another important factor. Depending on where the chime is located it can have a number of different effects. Although a wind chime can be used without any negative consequences in most areas of the home you need to think carefully about where to put it in order to gain the most benefit.

For example, if you wanted to reduce the effects of clutter in a particular room you could use a wind chime placed at the centre. This will help to get rid of any chi that’s lingering in the room due to the mess. Another example is if you wanted to increase the liveliness of an entrance. In this case you could place a metal chime near the door. Feng shui wind chimes can have a big effect on many areas of the house and hence should always be considered as a cure for a number of problems.

Place a Wind Chime Indoor

Indoor wind chimes need not be confined within the home as it is also possible to place them outside the house, where they are welcome additions to the garden, lawn as well as the pond. You can secure your indoor wind chimes on a plain or decorative hook. A plain hook from the hardware store will work fine. There is plenty of reason to recommend indoor wind chimes. You will be grateful for the relaxation the soothing sound gives you as you lounge about on your favorite easy chair or sofa. However, not all indoor wind chimes will sound the same, and they will also create more relaxation if there composition is of a particular type.

Wind chimes are a popular novelty found on many porches and patios. It is rather soothing and you will have to love or at least like a little bit the sound of wind chimes. Indoor wind chimes look just like wind chimes that you would hang outside your home but just a bit smaller. The innovative artistic designs of indoor wind chimes are perfect pieces for accenting and projecting positive energy inside your home or office.

Chimes can be hung indoors anywhere there may be a breeze. Chimes are decorative and useful any time of the year and can even remain in place throughout the year. The harmonious sounds of the chimes provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and concentration. These chimes are precision tuned by an instrument designer for clarity and perfect pitch year after year. The vibrations of the chimes calm and sooth the mind releasing all the stresses of the day. You see wind chimes offer more than just a cute accessory for your porch. Many believe indoor wind chimes can help bring luck your way.

Now you can find all the joys of nature captured in an elegant indoor wind chime that will delight you with serene imagery and melodic chimes.

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