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Effects of La Niña

La Niña conditions tend to influence wintertime
atmospheric flow across the eastern North Pacific
and North America, as shown in the figure below. La
Niña episodes display considerable event-to-event
variability and the overall effects tend to be less
predictable than those for El Niño.

Seasonal precipitation impacts are generally
opposite to those of El Niño. During La Niña winters,
large portions of central North America experience
increased storminess, and an increased frequency
of significant cold-air outbreaks, while the southern
states experience less storminess and precipitation.
la ninaThere also tends to be considerable month-to-month
variations in temperature, rainfall, and storminess
across central North America during the winter and
spring seasons, in response to the more variable
atmospheric circulation throughout the period. In the
eastern U.S., during the winter, there are generally
fewer coastal storms and more Alberta Clippers (fast
eastward-tracking storms across the northern states)
than normal. In the summer and autumn, La Niña
can influence hurricane development, often resulting
in fewer eastern Pacific hurricanes and more Atlantic

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