Ambient WS-5000 Ultrasonic Professional Smart Weather Station

The Ambient WS-5000 Ultrasonic Professional Smart Weather Station is the most sophisticated home and light industrial weather station we have ever created. Our smart wind meter has no moving parts to wear out, and includes a revolutionary sonic anemometer that responds quicker to wind, and transmits faster than traditional wind cup designs.

The attractively thin desktop display is also wall mountable. The brilliant, dynamic LCD is easy to read, day or night, features light or dark-colored background, and automatically controls brightness settings based on time of day. Measured parameters combine with calculated data: ‘Feels Like’ Temperature (Wind Chill and Heat Index), Dew Point, Gust (the maximum wind speed sampled once per second in the 16-second update period), 10 Minute Wind Speed and Direction Average, Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Phase, Forecast, and more. The WS-5000 also displays minimum and maximum conditions with time and date stamp, historical archived data, which can be exported to SD Card (optional, not included) for advanced data analysis in Excel. The SD Card is also used for firmware updates.

The extra-large rain cup ensures better accuracy. Since the sensor is wireless, it can be placed close to the ground, and the removable lid makes for easy service and maintenance.

The Ultrasonic Sensor Array

The wireless sensor array features a pagoda Thermos hygrometer radiation shield with passive aspiration for the utmost accuracy, a bubble level for plumb installation, and a solar panel. It connects to the console via RF (915 MHz) up to 1000 feet line of sight in the open air (300 feet under most conditions). The wireless signal will not pass through solid metal, earth, or ground. The sensor array mounts to any pole between 1.25 and 2″ diameter with an adaptive mounting bracket and U-Bolt design that can be tightened to your mounting pole (not included).

The Indoor Thermos Hygrometer Barometer

The WH32B indoor sensor will monitor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. One sensor is included with the WS-5000 weather station system.

Optional Sensors (sold separately)

The WS-5000 supports up to 8 additional thermos hygrometers, 2 air quality sensors (1 indoor and 1 outdoor), 4 leak detectors, 8 soil meters, and a lightning detector.

The WS-5000 Integration Options

Virtual Assistants
The Ambient Weather skill for Alexa and Google Assistant provides Ambient Weather personal weather station owners with the ability to get real-time, and past weather information generated by the devices they have been linked to.

IFTTT Applets
The AmbientWeather server features a handy timeline for tracking IFTTT triggered web services, applets, and devices like blinds, rain gauges, and lights.

API & Third-Party Apps
Developers, retrieve your own real-time and historical personal weather station JSON formatted data, or build 3rd party apps and get data from multiple devices.

Weather Networks
Connect to the world’s largest personal weather station network, Weather Underground, in addition to WeatherCloud and PWSWeather.


The Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Professional Smart Weather Station come with the following features:

  • Temperature Range Indoor: 14 to 140 °F, Outdoor: -40 to 149 °F
  • Humidity Range Indoor: 10 to 99%, Outdoor: 10 to 99%
  • Barometric Pressure Range 8.85 to 32.50 inHg
  • Solar Radiation (Light) Range 0 to 200000 Lux
  • UV Range 0 to 15
  • Rain Range 0 to 236 inches
  • Wind Direction Range 0 to 360º
  • Wind Speed Range 0 to 89 mph (operational)
  • Display Console Dimensions Frame: 7.75 x 5.75 x 0.75 inches, LCD: 6.25 x 3.5 inches
  • Indoor Sensor Dimensions 4.75 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Outdoor Sensor Dimensions 14 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Display Console Power 5V DC adapter (included), Power consumption: .05 Watts
  • Indoor Sensor Power 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Outdoor Sensor Power Array: solar power with battery back-up (2 x AA batteries not included), Rain Guage: 1 x AA battery (not included)

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Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What size SD card can I use for the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station is it like a mini one like in a phone or a big one like in-camera?
Answer: It’s a micro SD card like a cell phone.

Question: Is the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station rain gauge self-emptying?
Answer: Yes it is

Question: When was the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station initially manufactured?
Answer: Ambient started selling it in 2020

Question: Can I get daily rainfall readings from the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station?
Answer: Yes the console will display the daily rainfall

Question: I currently have the ws-2902 and it continually has problems with losing connection with the console. Has this been corrected with the ws-5000?
Answer: Yes it has been. The wireless chip in the devices have been upgraded in between the ws2902 and the ws-5000

Question: What is the range between the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station units i will be about 500 ft
Answer: If it is in your house with the structure as a part signal block I would say your pushing your distance of a solid constant signal.

Question: Does the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station power 5v dc adapter work only with 110v or 220-240v too?
Answer: The device works with 110V

Question: Wi-Fi setup requirements or the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station
Answer: this one will require a 2.4 network. It uses the console to set up the Wi-Fi in a setup screen that is called a wifi scan.

Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station User Manual Updates and Firmware

Question: Any way to make the Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station a wired system?- perhaps by 100ft USB or
Answer: There is no way to make this device a wired system. The sensor runs off of a solar panel and a AA battery backup. The console only runs off the AC power adaptor.

Question: If I already own a ws-3000-x8 with 8 sensors, is it possible to add the ambient WS-5000 Weather Station and have all 8 sensors transmit to the ws-3000 and the ws-5000?
Answer: depending on the sensors, yes you can.

The Ambient WS-5000 Weather Station Weather operating instructions provide information on use, safety, initial start-up, technical data, accessories, and disposal information. Several languages are often covered by one operating manual. Synonyms for operating instructions, like user manual, operating manual, and user handbook. You can find it here.