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Ambient Weather Handheld Weather Station

The Ambient Weather Handheld Weather Station is your best bet for a weather station you can take with you anytime, anywhere. The handheld tool gives you a comprehensive range of weather parameters, and even comes with a compass, psychrometer, and heat index monitor. Among the weather parameters this device measures are wind direction, wind speed, relative humidity, temperature, compass direction, wind gust, temperature, dew point, heat index, and wind chill. Also, the compass is designed in such a way that even when you hold it vertically it can give you directions without needing you to level it out; it is also designed to be usable for taking a bearing on a reference location from a distance. The portable package comes in a jack knife case design to protect the device, while also allowing you to keep the case while you take specific temperature measurements. This keeps you from making false readings with the added heat from your hand. The device may be mounted on a tripod. A wind tunnel included with the package lets you take accurate measurements for direction. In addition to that, the kit also comes with a carrying case that can be stuck to your belt, a replacement impeller, as well as calibration kits for humidity, assuring you that the humidity readings will be within the needed range.

Ambient Weather Handheld Weather Station Review:

There was only one customer who wrote a review for this weather station. Fortunately, he gave it a perfect 5.0-star rating, giving us confidence in the device.

The reviewer described this portable weather meter as a great way to measure weather parameters no matter where he was. He confirmed that it was very simple to use, appreciating the large display. He felt that the measurements it gave were highly helpful, such as the heat index. He also liked how the compass was designed to allow him to take bearings; this was especially helpful when he needed to navigate to locations that were not even visible. He also confirmed the temperature readings to be accurate, which he felt was largely due to its not being affected by heat from his hand, a common fault in many handheld meters. He also commended the jackknife cover for being easy to use and for being effective at protecting the device. Overall, he believed that this weather meter was a great value for the price he paid.

Although there was only one customer comment, we are happy with the comprehensive description that confirmed the device to perform exactly as advertised. As such we would be very happy to recommend this handheld weather station for your outdoors use, as well as home use with the added benefit of being able to take it with you on trips and other outdoor adventures. You will definitely find it to be worth every penny you pay for it, given all the features and measurements it displays.

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