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Acu-Rite 00634 Wireless Weather Station

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The Acu-Rite 00634 Wireless Weather Station with Wind Sensor is your best companion for measuring several indicators relating to the weather. From indoor and outdoor temperature to wind chill, dew point, heat index, and wind speed, the weather station boasts of accuracy and reliability. It also shows you a bar graph of the historic weather readings and gives you a forecast that is self-calibrating. It also displays humidity measurements and moon phases. The wind speed measurement comes as an average but also shows you peak speeds. It comes with a wireless sensor for wind measurements, and transmission can go as far as 330 feet without obstructions. It also features an atomic clock that sets itself automatically and remains accurate to the U.S. atomic clock. To make you sure that data is transmitted and stored, the wireless display comes with an indicator for signal strength.

Acu-Rite 00634 Wireless Weather Station with Wind Sensor Review:

There were only a handful of people who have tested this weather station and wrote reviews about it, with the average rating being 4.3 stars. The lowest rating was 3.0-stars.

The customers were typically satisfied with the weather station, especially with its outdoor sensor that did all-in-one measurements. One user liked how the PVC pipe mounting did not affect his landscaping, and the wireless range of over 100 feet was true to its advertising claims. He also suggested using lithium batteries, size AA, for the outdoor sensor, for people using the station in cold climates. At least one user shared about having used another model of the same brand, which lasted many years and still worked great despite having lost one sensor display. The wide selection of weather parameters that this station can measure was greatly appreciated by nearly all the reviewers. One user liked how it was easy to set up and appreciated the high quality he got for the price.

So far, the only issue brought up for this unit was that it was a little difficult to read the display, requiring a very close range even for people with perfect vision to read the information. Of course, this was most likely due to the very compact size of the weather station base; one reviewer described it as just as big as a hand with open fingers. She wished the unit came in a larger size that could be read even from a greater distance away, and that was about the only reason why she gave it only 3.0 stars, despite liking all the features it came with. Another user commented that it required a lot of batteries and that it would have been better if it could be used with a stronger pipe instead of the only flimsy size that it could fit.

All in all, the issues are very easy to understand and the weather station would most likely be very useful to you. We believe you would find great use for this, and as such we would be happy to recommend this weather station.

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